Thaddeus Rose

Lead Vocals


Thaddeus Rose is a vocalist/songwriter and performer extraordinaire, best

known in Phoenix and the valley as lead singer and founder of the

Thaddeus Rose Band (TRB). For the past 20 years Thaddeus and his band

have been mesmerizing audiences as he 'brings the house down' in many

of the valleys best known hot spots.

Most recently, Thaddeus and his band were awarded the 2016 ‘Best Cover

Band’ by radio-station Kool FM, 94.5. recognizing the groups distinctive

influence on the local music scene.

How did this one-of-a-kind artist evolve into the multi-talented,

charismatic entertainer he is today?

The Early Years

In 1986, Thaddeus was recruited to become a member of the premier "funk" group in Minneapolis,
Westside. In time, the band was presented with the prestigious Minnesota Music Award for ‘Best Funk Band’. By the late '80's Westside released a 12" single which led to the band becoming finalists on Ed McMahon's big TV hit, Star Search.

On The Move

As Thaddeus began to dig deeper, sorting out the next steps in his career, he decided it was time to take off on his own and he moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in January of 1990.

In the ‘90’s, Thaddeus' first project was to create an alternative music band, The Isotopes.  Although they were an 'under the radar' band, The Isotopes released an album entitled “Separated by Shadows”.  Thaddeus remarks, "My vision then was to 'save and world'...from itself. Hence, this perception was acutely evident in our album.  It was a different time." 

Later that decade, Thaddeus focused his energy on composing music and audio engineering.  In 2002 Thaddeus took over the well-known recording studio in Phoenix, Sound-tech.  As a recording engineer and mentor, Thaddeus produced countless local musicians and artists, featuring all genres of music.

Along that same path, Thaddeus wrote, produced and recorded - along with guitarist Chris Cannella -  three significant pieces of work for local music publishers, Wild Whirled Music Group.  Their original songs from these projects have been placed on network and cable television, reaching new audiences internationally. "It was just the two of us in a room, writing, throwing out ideas, a groove, or a chord and a melody line. It was intense and exhilarating and I knew I wanted more."

In 2005, again with his keen sense of self-reflection, the moment seemed right for Thaddeus to create his own stamp, his own imprint in the valley. He immediately began recruiting some of the best musicians in town to become part of the Thaddeus Rose Band.  

The next big milestone for Thaddeus was 2010, when he was inducted into the "Mid-America Music Hall of Fame" for his work in Westside. Later that same year, he was also inducted into the "Arizona Nightclub Performers Hall of Fame" for his outstanding musical contributions throughout the valley.

Concurrently, his fans in the West Valley kept coming back for more during his Seven-year gig at the Wigwam Golf Resort. With his vibrant, emotive, personable style, Thaddeus earned this loyalty as he consistently reached out to share a part of his heart, and the music he loves.

The Thaddeus Rose Band Today

As a contemporary front-runner, the Thaddeus Rose Band is as relevant to the Phoenix music scene as a wave to the ocean. Their remakes of iconic cover tunes are flawless, and originate from some of the greatest musicians of our time. In addition to his performance artistry, Thaddeus is also an ombudsman, an ambassador, a confident leader who readily relegates solos to the talented members of his band. He is recognized as both genuine and generous.

As Thaddeus continues his journey as a valuable entertainment commodity,  his social media fans call him out as a "multifaceted entertainer" who is both "eloquent" and 'versatile". This reputation is the direct result of his innate musical skills...on keyboards, bass, guitar and of course, vocals.  It doesn't hurt that his graceful yet funky hip-hop moves across the stage serve as the proverbial frosting on the cake.

Thaddeus is quoted often saying, "I wake up every morning thinking how fortunate I am.  I love music, I love to entertain audiences. What more can I ask for?"

With the passing of time, many will agree that Thaddeus' musical career has turned him into a Renaissance man, to be sure, and it is evident that music is what keeps his heart beating.

 Without question, Thaddeus Rose is the real thing.