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Michael B - Drums

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    While growing up in a musically inclined household, Chris was nurtured in the love of music.  "As a young child, I remember watching my parents play and sing.  They quickly noticed my interest and gave me my first guitar, a three-quarter sized classical which I still have today," he fondly recalls.  Unsurprisingly, from that moment, music has remained a large part of his life.  
     As a young teenager, Chris spent four years studying classical guitar at the renowned McPhail Center for the Arts.  During these teenage formidable years he became inspired by rock and blues, prompting him to get his first electric guitar.  Through the 80's he performed in various rock, funk, and R&B groups that made up the vibrant Minneapolis-St. Paul music scene.
     In early 2007, after a ten year hiatus from music to focus on family, Chris picked up right where he left off and returned to performing with longtime friend, Thaddeus Rose.  They continue to write and record music and have had several placements on National TV/Cable networks.  He says, "While I thoroughly enjoy the thrill of performing live, composing has always given me the most satisfaction over the years."       

           The Band


                            Chris Cannella - Guitar/Vocals